Isabelle Cornaro: Off Words

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Off Words is a new series of books featuring interviews with women artists from around the world. Editors Julie Enckell Juliard and Federica Martini offer these artists a format to speak about the sources and visions for their work, discuss the topics they engage with, and to elaborate on their view of the world in which they live and work. Over time, the series will offer a new, polyphonic narrative of art history, told by distinguished artists who actively shape this history through their work, thoughts, and teaching.

Isabelle Cornaro, born 1974 and based in Paris and Geneva, investigates the narrative, symbolic, and economic origin of objects. With such a quasi-anthropological focus her works explore our seemingly unshakeable attachment to these often emotionally charged or even fetishised things. Her large-scale scenic installations and short films leave room for interpretation and highlight the significance of the "cultural baggage" that affects our perception.

Text in English and French.

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