Islamist Extremism in Kosovo and the Countries of the Region

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This brief analyzes the social, historical and societal circumstances influencing the emergence of Islamist extremism in Kosovo and countries of the region. It discusses the creation of propagandist infrastructure by foreign organizations to spread radical ideology and instigate inter-religious conflicts in order to establish an Islamist extremist movement, and highlights the camouflaged activities of humanitarian organizations funding terrorism. This brief focuses particularly on examining the development and concrete manifestation of Islamism and the latent risks posed by Islamist extremism not just for the national security of Kosovo but also for the peace and safety of the entire region.

Examining the development, effects and latent risks posed by Islamist extremism in the Balkans, Islamist Extremism in Kosovo and the Countries of the Region will be useful to scholars, policy-makers, and law enforcement practitioners working in counter-terrorism, as well as those interested in the unique sociopolitical climate of the Balkans.

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