J2ME Game Programming

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J2ME Game Programming takes the reader from the birth of the game idea, through the hours of fun programming it, and then finally through the quest of getting the new game published. The main project in the book is the creation of the reader's own J2ME game, including assessment of the game's lifecycle, how to handle resources, various methods of drawing to the screen, optimizing memory usage, handling the users input, and even sharing high-scores online! The business models of the J2ME market are very independent-friendly, which is attractive to many programmers who are looking for the knowledge they need to make a few bucks on their own games. When working on a limited platform it is important to squeeze as much as possible out of those precious bytes -- in this book readers will find the tools and source code they need to get the most out of the constrained resources and successfully create their own game.

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Thomson Learning
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