Judgment Day for the Shroud of Turin

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One of the most precious relics of the Catholic Church, the Shroud of Turin, is still believed by many to be the cloth that covered Jesus Christ in the tomb. When displayed to the public, the shroud becomes an international tourist attraction with interest heightening it to an eighth Wonder of the World.

Yet scientists, led by famed microanaylist Dr. Walter McCrone, have proved the shroud to be a fake, a medieval painting that can be easily duplicated today using the simplest of materials. The painstaking investigation that led McCrone to this historic discovery is recounted here in Judgment Day for the Shroud of Turin, one of only two books to scientifically, and fully, discount the shroud story. Upon close examination, even leading members of the Catholic Church had to agree with McCrone's findings, which gained international attention when featured on the A&E Television Network.

Told in fascinating detail, with all the intrigue of a good mystery novel, McCrone's memoir is a lasting contribution to shroud study, one that occupied more than twenty years of the author's life.

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