Knowledge Management Initiatives In Singapore

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Knowledge Management Initiatives in Singapore is the first book that provides descriptive analyses of the award-winning knowledge management projects undertaken by the public sector organisations in Singapore. It features 12 organisations honoured for their outstanding efforts to understand and implement knowledge management, not only to enhance tactical efficiency and effectiveness but also to plan for strategic opportunities in the dynamic environment. Based on these successful case studies, the book provides a comprehensive overview and approach for organisations to understand how to plan and execute their knowledge management journeys. This includes analysing the rationale, thereby calibrating specific knowledge management plans and roles; identifying resources for knowledge management implementation (such as people, process and technology); and evaluating the outcomes and future paths. This book will be invaluable to managers, knowledge management practitioners and graduate students in the field, offering deep actionable insights on the implementation of knowledge management projects and providing a balanced perspective of organisational knowledge management encompassing both theory and pragmatism.

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