Labour Midwifery Skills: Survival Guide

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This pocket-sized book, presented in an easy to follow format, is designed as tool for students and professionals to carry in any setting, providing a quick reference guide to supporting women during labour.

This new edition of Labour Midwifery Skills has been updated to reflect the most up to date guidance around the care of women during labour. The second in a set of three books which together guide readers along each step in the journey from pregnancy to postnatal/neonatal care, Labour Midwifery Skills provides all the crucial information relating to the childbirth process. Underpinned with sections on related anatomy and physiology, it provides a breadth of information, including routine care in labour, managing obstetric emergencies, CTG interpretation and related skills such as catheterisation and vaginal examination.

Used as a platform for wider reading, this text is an ideal reference point for any student or professionals involved with the care of childbearing women.

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