Law and Food: Regulatory Recipes of Culinary Issues

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This book presents a range of insights on the relationship between food and law.

Over time, religions have multiplied food prohibitions and prescriptions, customs have redistributed land, shared its occupancy in creative ways, or favoured communal property so that everyone could have access to food. In turn, laws have multiplied to facilitate food trade, security, safety, traceability, and also to promote and protect food and wine production, using trademarks and geographical denominations. This volume brings a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to examine some of the most heavily debated issues in the interaction between food, in all forms, and the law. Topics covered include food security, food safety, food quality, intellectual property, and consumer protection. As well as highlighting current issues, the work also points to new challenges in this field.

The book will be a valuable resource for researchers and policy-makers working in the area of Food Law and Comparative Law.

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