Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

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A classic fairy tale with a twist by the bestselling Alex T. Smith Little Red sets off to visit her auntie who is poorly.

She walks under the giraffes, over the sleepy crocodiles, past the enormous elephants and the chattering monkeys.

Then a Very Hungry Lion approaches Little Red, wanting to gobble her up.

But despite all the cunning plans by Lion, Little Red outsmarts him and soon has him saying sorry and eating doughnuts instead.

A sassy heroine, beautiful artwork, jungle animals, a funny twist on a tale you adore. Once again, Alex T. Smith gets us all eating from his hand.

Alex T. Smith was the World Book Day Illustrator 2014.

His bestselling picture book, Ella, was on the 2012 Greenaway longlist

He has won and been shortlisted for major children's book awards countless times for many of his books

His bestselling series of illustrated novels, Claude, is now an animated series on Disney Junior

In this fairytale retelling, Alex gives Little Red Riding Hood a Lion King twist

A hilarious delight by a brilliant author-illustrator

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