Liz Glynn - Objects and actions (Marzo 2018)

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The first monograph on Liz Glynn offers a thematic journey through a decade of her sculptures, installations, and live performances.;From her first participatory performance building Rome in 24 hours-in cardboard-to Open House, her open-air Gilded Age ballroom-cast in concrete-in Central Park, Liz Glynn examines the past to shed light on present-day social and economic conditions through a diverse array of sculptures, structures, and actions. Emphasizing Glynn's interest in process, temporality, labor, and shifting notions of value, this monograph features a series of essays on the artist's practice as a whole, texts on each of her discrete projects, and documentation of her performances. Together they give readers a comprehensive overview of an artist whose career has garnered enormous attention from audiences and critics alike.

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