Magnesium Batteries: Research and Applications

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The quest for efficient and durable battery technologies is one of the key challenges for enabling the transition to renewable energy economies. Magnesium batteries, and in particular rechargeable non-aqueous systems, are an area of extensive opportunity and intense research. Rechargeable magnesium batteries hold numerous advantages over current lithium-ion batteries, namely the relative abundance of magnesium to lithium and the potential for magnesium batteries to greatly outperform their Li-ion counterparts. Magnesium Batteries comprehensively outlines the scientific and technical challenges in the field, covering anodes, cathodes, electrolytes and particularly promising systems such as the Mg-S cell. Edited by a leading figure in the field of electrochemical energy storage, with contributions from global experts, this book is a vital resource for students and researchers at all levels. Whether entering into the subject for the first time or extending their knowledge of battery materials across chemistry, physics, energy, engineering and materials science this book provides an ideal reference for anyone interested in the state-of-the-art and future of magnesium batteries.

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Royal Society of Chemistry
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