Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Stem Cell Applications

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Stem cell-based regenerative therapy has become a frontier in modern medicine. For the success of both basic research and clinical application of stem cell technology, it is essential to have noninvasive methods to monitor the delivery of transplanted stem cells, track migration/homing of stem cells to the targets, and assess survival and function of the transplanted stem cells at the targets. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) represents a promising technology fitting in this necessity. So far, scientists from various disciplines around the world have done outstanding works in developing different MR techniques for in vivo imaging of stem cells, so-called cellular MRI. The aim of this book is to facilitate such translation of advanced cellular MRI techniques from laboratory benches to pre-clinical animal studies, and, ultimately, to clinical practice. The authors are from several continents around the world, with their expertise in the fields of stem cell science, biomedical engineering, medicine, pathology, medical imaging, and interventional radiology. We hope this book will provoke common interests, brainstorming and cooperation among professionals in both stem cell science and medical imaging, and bring regenerative medicine one step closer to benefiting the patients.

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