Make: Volume 52

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Virtually Real A wave of new technology has rekindled the dream of virtual reality. But what can you really do with it? We take a look at how Makers are embracing VR to build digital worlds and real-life interfaces with them, and show you how too. Meet the engineers at NASA that are making rovers and rockets in mixed-reality. Discover some of the gear you'll need to get started with VR. Visit the Makers at Valve who brought the HTC Vive headset to life and see how it went from prototype to product. Then, build a tactile rig for your VR pinball arcade, create holograms with your cellphone, and learn how to take 360 degree photos and videos to view in VR. Plus, more than 20 projects including: Build a Raspberry Pi-powered Photo Booth that sends photos to your friends and to the cloud. Make a DIY monster detector for kids to scout out scary closets and attics. Learn the basics for creating propane-powered fire art with an excerpt from our new book, Make: Fire. And much more.

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O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA
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