Making Candles: Ideas for Home-made Candles and Creative Displays in 130 Photographs

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This is a beautiful little gift book full of ideas for making, decorating and displaying candles around the home. Chapters cover everything from making candles to decorating them and creating home-made holders and containers. You can find out how you can change the mood of a room, enhance any occasion and create an atmosphere of enchantment. A concise introduction covers the history of candles in the home, as well as themes and seasonal candles. Easy-to-follow projects detail the basic techniques of dipping, rolling and scenting candles. It features over 130 inspirational photographs include step-by-step techniques and a picture of every finished project to help you achieve impressive results. Even though candles are no longer the only source of artificial light, we still use them for their ability to transform any event, whether it is a family evening by the fire, a romantic supper, or a glittering dinner party. Making your own candles gives you endless cope for imaginative designs. Once you have mastered the simple art of making shaped and dipped candles, you can move on to create different shapes, sizes, shades, scents and styles. With exciting ideas on displaying candles you will also learn how to decorate them, making a simple source of light a work of art. The introduction covers all the materials and equipment you will need to get started, and projects include rolled, embossed, floating, stencilled, marbled and scented candles, as well as ideas for varied containers and holders. Beautifully designed and full of information and bright ideas, this little book celebrates the charm and versatility of a timeless source of illumination in the home.

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