Manuale Calligraphicum: Examples of Calligraphy by Students of Hermann Zapf

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Of all his contributions to the graphic arts, Hermann Zapf's (1918-2015) dedication to sharing his knowledge may be regarded as one of his most enduring achievements. And no institution benefited more from his generosity than Rochester Institute of Technology where, in 1979, he began to teach a series of summer classes in Advanced Calligraphy. The classes attracted an international group of accomplished graphic artists whose hours spent with Zapf became treasured memories. This new book - Manuale Calligraphicum - was conceived as a way to honor Hermann Zapf's legacy at RIT by offering a select group of accomplished former students an opportunity to share, through their art, what those classes meant to them. The specifications for submissions were simple: design an original calligraphic alphabet or quotation that could be presented and formatted in the manner of Professor Zapf's famous model book Feder und Stichel (1950) and printed letterpress to the very highest standards. The variety and quality of the work submitted has been extraordinary. The Cary Collection is proud to present this selection of 19 works from 15 calligraphers as their tribute to a master teacher and dear friend. Limited edition of 325 copies, designed by Jerry Kelly and letterpress printed on Hahnemuhle paper by Bradley Hutchinson. Manuale Calligraphicum Contributing Artists: Larry Brady, Marsha Brady, Annie Cicale, Rick Cusick, Claude Dieterich A, Reggie Ezell, Peter Fraterdeus, Kris Holmes, Jerry Kelly, Peter Noth, Marcy Robinson, Ina Saltz, Steven Skaggs, John Stevens, Julian Waters

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