Massage Therapist Success Mindset: Success Principles for the Massage Therapist Entrepreneur

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Massage Therapist Success Mindset is an eye opening, practical guide for success which focuses on a crucial element that is not taught in massage school; mindset.

Within Massage Therapist Success Mindset , Richard J Platt leverages his knowledge and experience of being a massage therapist business owner and a clinical hypnotherapist for nearly a decade. He applies this information to educate and empower massage therapists to become change agents within their industry. Richard's approach is centered around raising awareness that career success is created through a multitude of subconscious beliefs picked up from childhood, which is responsible for 95% of the results. Massage Therapist Success Mindset shows readers:

  • How to become aware of and shift out of old limiting beliefs
  • How to identify their unique niche within the massage industry
  • That any massage therapist can thrive with the applications of these tools
  • And more!

    Massage therapists who read Massage Therapist Success Mindset will not only be empowered with a much better understanding of themselves, but also have the knowledge of creating worthy goals that propel them toward the career they have always wanted.

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