Microelectronics And Optoelectronics: The 25th Annual Symposium Of Connecticut Microelectronics And Optoelectronics Consortium (

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This book features the selected articles from the 25th annual symposiums Connecticut Microelectronics and Optoelectronics Consortium (CMOC), that focus on micro/nano-electronics and optoelectronics/Nano-photonics, to cover not only the technologies, but also the applications ranging from biosensors/nano-biosystems, to cyber security.Enabling materials research involving growth and characterization of novel devices such as multi-bit nonvolatile random access memory with fast erase, high performance circuits, and their potential applications in developing new high-speed systems. Other articles focus on emerging nanoelectronic devices including topological insulators, spatial wavefunction switching (SWS) FETs as compact high-speed 2-bit SRAM circuits, quantum dot channel (QDC) FETs. Fundamental work on critical layer thickness in ZnSe/GaAs and other material systems impacts electronic and photonic devise integrating mismatched layers are also reported. While another article investigates linearly graded GaAsP-GaAs system with emphasis on strain relaxation. Based on these technologies, area of analyzes multiple junction solar cells using semiconductors with different energy gaps, as a possible application were also featured; Pixel characterization of protein-based retinal implant, as well as a low-power and low-data-rate (100 kbps) fully integrated CMOS impulse radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) transmitter were investigated as a potential candidate for biomedical application. While other articles looked at carbon nanofibers/nanotubes for electrochemical sensing. In the area of cyber security, two articles present encrypted electron beam lithography fabricated nanostructures for authentication and nano-signatures for the identification of authentic electronic components.In summary, papers presented in this volume involve various aspects of high performance materials and devices for implementing high-speed electronic systems.

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