Millennials in America 2019

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This completely updated third edition of Millennials in America provides a wide range of characteristics profiling the demographic, social, and economic status of the Millennial generation. While the Baby Boom generation occupies much of our social and political dialogue, the Millennial generation is actually a larger generation. As the Boomers age, their numbers will decrease while the Millennials will be the driving social and political force in the coming decades. Millennials in America focuses on the those born between 1982-2001.

Millennials in America is an invaluable source for helping people understand what the census data tells us about who we are, what we do, and where we live.

Benefits of this publication include: *It will fill an information gap due to the difficulty in extracting comparative data from the Census Bureau's American FactFinder dissemination system. *Users will have comparative data in a single reference volume. *It will eliminate the need for the data user to understand and manipulate detailed census data files and consolidate disparate tables in AFF. *This publication utilizes the PUMS data which is the ONLY source of data that can be used to define precise age ranges for the Millennial generation. The age detail available for census summary data simply aren't adequate for defining the Millennials and therefore prohibit compilation of characteristics specific to this important generation.

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