Mind Body Fitness: Focus, Preparation, Performance

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You take care of yourself. You eat the right food, exercise regularly, using all the latest information on stretching, cardiovascular training and weights. And yet, you're not in the best shape you can possibly be. What can you do, short of quitting your job and becoming a professional athlete? You can use the same techniques as the Pros and the Olympians...the Mind/Body Connection. If you want to improve your performance in any activity, your body is only going to take you so far. You need your mind working with your body in harmony. It has been clinically proven that the mind and body working together can produce better results than previously dreamed possible. Author and medal-winning martial artist Tom Seabourne will show you how, integrating techniques from eastern disciplines such as Martial Arts and Yoga as well as western methods such as visualization and stress-reduction. Whether you're an elite competitor or an overworked, out-of-shape parent, Mind/Body Fitness will work for you! * Easy-to-Learn Relaxation & Meditation Skills that You Can Practice Anytime & Anywhere.* Increase Focus, Confidence & Health using Clinically Proven Mind/Body Techniques.* Dietary Tips to Optimize Your Mental & Physical Effectiveness.* Easy-to-Use Checklists with Strategies on Mindfulness, Goal Setting & Time Management.

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