'Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border' Complete First Edition, 1802: Complete First Addition, 1802

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This critical edition of Scott's Minstrelsy presents a seminal 19th-century work for a 21st-century audience

The first volume in this three volume set contains all Scott's ballad texts with his introductions and notes together with an introductory essay on Border history and an essay on fairy tradition and popular superstition. The essay provides valuable context to the 52 ballads published in 1802, which are printed in full within this volume.

Key Features:

  • Presents the first modern critical edition of Scott's ballads and songs
  • Provides insight into the oral and the literate culture of Scotland at a critical point of transition between the two
  • Reveals the roots of Scott's impact on Romantic perceptions and on the creation of an imagined Scotland
  • Settles the question of authenticity: identifies the relationship of Scott's published versions of each ballad to the sources and parallels available to Scott, mainly in manuscript

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Edinburgh University Press
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