Moose Crossing: Portland to Portland on the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway

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In February 1919, in memoriam of the recent passing of President Theodore Roosevelt, a group of civic leaders began the planning of a monumental road-the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway. Spanning more than 4,000 miles, the highway connected Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon through the most northern states and Ontario Canada. Boasting seascapes and lake views, mountain vistas, and a breathtaking drive through the awesome Columbia River Gorge, the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway was the northernmost of the few transcontinental roads available in the 1920s and 30s and soon became an important route for the up and coming automobile. No other route has duplicated the Highway's variety and scenic grandeur or did more to encourage travel. Moose Crossing is the story of Theodore Roosevelt and the highway he inspired. It is a story of how Max Skidmore unearthed the remnants of America's most fascinating auto trail and experienced it all the way from Portland to Portland.

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University Press of America
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