Napoli Super Modern

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This richly illustrated book is a monument to modern urban construction in Naples. New photos by French photographer Cyrille Weiner, new sketches of important details and around 100 drawings show significant buildings with a wide range of different characteristics, dating from the years 1930-1960. They reveal how this Southern Italian metropolis developed its own form of Modernism, one that combined Mediterranean culture with local materials and a strong internationalist spirit.

The book's line of enquiry and presentation follow the same methodology as with Paris Haussmann: A Model's Relevance (Park Books, 2017), which was produced by the same team, analysing the construction of Paris. This new publication about the legendary harbour city of Naples is just as attractively presented, with plenty of photos, a selection of essays and descriptive texts, along with sketches of important architectonic details, supplemented by plans and sections of all the documented buildings. The result is a lively portrait of a fascinating city that is both famous and infamous, but whose qualities and individuality in terms of architecture and urban development really should be better known.

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