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Once again, the Barcelona School of Architecture-ETSAB, jointly with the Barcelona Metropolitan Area-AMB, promotes Visiting Studio, a workshop that is the product of close collaboration between the UPC and the AMB, with the aim of contributing new visions, from different places, to studies in architecture. These new methodological visions and resources will serve to create more tools for learning, as happens in schools of architecture in other countries. This workshop is taught by a visiting lecturer, a lecturer at a European university. It is aimed at senior students, future architects about to embark on their professional careers. The proposed theme is based on a real commission, a project currently being designed by one of the teams of architects specializing in public space or the urban planning departments. The AMB provides knowledge of the place and its territorial context, the outline of the brief, and the professional experience forged by many years of work in the construction of public space and metropolitan facilities. The students, tutored by an internationally renowned architect, contribute open-minded reflections and academic solutions to the theme presented. The result is a workshop aimed at sharing knowledge, which produces many stimulating and enriching multidirectional exchanges. In the review sessions, thanks to the various profiles of professional practice, students receive new inputs in the process of city planning and design, and AMB architects draw inspiration from multiple ways of seeing and understanding public space as an element that is capable of structuring metropolitan territory and ensuring its cohesion.

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