Never Again: Moving On from Narcissistic Abuse and Other Toxic Relationships

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Dr. Sarah Davies draws from her clinical expertise, largely gained from working with individuals at her Harley Street practice in London, as well as from her personal experiences with narcissistic abuse, to put together this practical guide to understanding and moving on from toxic relationships. If you have experienced narcissistic abuse and want to avoid a repeat experience, Never Again - moving on from narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships can help you to:
* Learn about Narcissism & identify Narcissistic Abuse. * Develop tools and coping strategies including emotional regulation, mindfulness and grounding techniques. * Learn a range of practical tips and tools to break the cycle of abuse. * Learn a 4-step refocus tool helping you to move on more quickly. * Work on your self-esteem, values, self-compassion and forgiveness. * Address any unhelpful thinking or beliefs that may be holding you back. * Learn about trauma and narcissistic abuse and how to manage emotional overwhelm or distress. * Learn about healthy boundaries and how to hold them. * Develop clearer, healthier communication.

In this new book, Dr. Davies shows readers how to identify narcissistic abuse, but also the tools needed to move on and potentially end destructive relationship patterns once and for all.

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