Night Without Stars

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'Hamilton in peak form' - Kirkus Reviews

To prevent an invasion,
She must start a revolution

The planet of Bienvenido is in crisis. Its citizens are battling the Fallers, who have now infiltrated every level of human society. Nowhere is safe - and no one can be trusted. The mysterious 'Warrior Angel' is leading a desperate resistance, aided by forbidden Commonwealth technology. Yet the technophobic government obstructs the Angel's efforts at every turn.

As Fallers prepare to attack from the skies, the odds seem impossible on the ground. However, astronaut Ry Evine has made a discovery. It could unlock powerful Commonwealth secrets and prevent their annihilation. But time isn't on humanity's side.

Following The Abyss Beyond Dreams , Night Without Stars is the epic follow-up to Peter F. Hamilton ' s Chronicle of the Fallers duology.

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