Not a Proper Child

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As featured on Sky News and BBC Radio London.

A dark true story about the exceptional Nicky Nicholls and her struggle to survive a bleak and abusive young life.

'This book teaches us to believe in the power of creativity when life has kicked you firmly in the face' Jo Good, BBC Radio London

The story begins in 1965, when Nicky encounters the Moors Murderer Myra Hindley in Risley remand centre. The brief meeting between these two young women resonates with Nicky. It is a brush with the kind of darkness into which a human life can descend, and an experience that powers her own resolve not to let her abuse define and shape her, but to strive for a positive life of her own.

Left as a newborn in a box outside Stoke City Football ground, her grandparents took her into their home. But instead of finding a sanctuary, Nicky was subjected to horrific sexual abuse throughout her childhood. In 1951, when Nicky was six years old, her glamorous-looking estranged mother arrived on the doorstep to 'rescue' her. But Nicky's hopes of a safe and loving family were very soon smashed, and her world became darker still...

Now an internationally renowned London artist, hers is a compelling story, carried along by her rare spirit of survival against the odds. Nicky's story is one of hope, for herself and for other abused children.

'Extremely well told, emotional and raw, raw, raw' GoodReads reviewer

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