Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines for Cancer Rehabilitation With Adults

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For adult clients with cancer, occupational therapy practitioners provide interventions focused on rehabilitation, helping clients resume occupations and activities of daily living.

This Practice Guideline provides an overview of the evidence for the effectiveness of various occupational therapy interventions for adults with cancer who are undergoing rehabilitation. The occupational therapy process for adults with cancer is described, defining the domain and interventions that occur within acceptable occupational therapy practice. Evidence is presented on occupational therapy interventions with multidisciplinary programs, symptom management, psychosocial needs, physical activity, lymphedema management, CHAIH, PAMs, sexuality, and return to work. Appendixes include selected CPT (R) codes for occupational therapy, an explanation of evidence-based practice, and evidence tables on a flash drive for ease of use.

These guidelines should be useful to the many entities involved in providing occupational therapy services to individuals with cancer, such as occupational therapy practitioners, team members, educators, clients, families, caregivers, third-party payers, and policymakers.

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