Organic Conformational Analysis and Stereochemistry from Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy

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A unique guide to variable temperature CD spectroscopy and its application in organic chemistry This timely, original, thought-provoking work looks at organic stereochemistry from the perspective of circular dichroism (CD), using variable temperature CD spectroscopy to determine the conformation or absolute configuration of chiral molecules. With an emphasis on the analysis of optically active ketones and the carbonyl chromophore, the authors demonstrate the advantages of this highly sensitive spectroscopic tool for obtaining stereochemical information in diverse areas of organic chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry. They combine detailed examples of stereochemical analysis with clear, thorough presentations, correlating chiroptical data with molecular mechanics calculations as well as data from NMR spectroscopy and other spectroscopic techniques. In addition, they provide a systematic survey of the professional literature, featuring an extraordinary collection of original CD spectra run at varying temperatures. Coverage includes: Chiroptical measurements: CD and ORD (Optical Rotatory Dispersion) Conformational analysis of compounds ranging from simple cyclic ketones to polycyclics Conjugated and homoconjugated systems Stereochemistry of the carbon-carbon double bond Stereochemistry from exciton coupling of two or more chromophores An interesting historical account of the development of stereochemical concepts

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