Organizational Behaviour: Text and Cases

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For creating a balance in the organizational environment, harmony amongst the employees and the employer is a prerequisite. The factors that help in determining an organizational balance are the sociology of an environment, psychology of the people working there, channels of communication along with a sound and rational management. The book highlights the fundamental concepts of organizational behaviour, and its applications in the Indian organizational scenario.

The second edition of the book, maintaining the same chapters' organization as in the previous edition, comprises 28 chapters based on the fundamental concepts of organizational behaviour, and case studies from various Indian industry verticals. These case studies reveal the authors' experience in real-life scenario as consultants as well as their observations pertaining to the concepts of organizational behaviour. Besides, the text lays emphasis on some modern tools of management such as TQM, BPR and Knowledge Management, which is a unique feature of this book.The book is designed for the students of management and psychology. Moreover, it is useful for the postgraduate students of commerce as well as it is of immense use to the personnel associated with technical, commercial and IT-based industries requiring human resource management.

Key Features
  • Every chapter is concluded with a real-life case study.
  • Appendices added to most of the chapters contain research-based questionnaire instruments.
  • Discussion Questions on Case studies enhance learning among students.
  • Includes three new sections on 'Case Study Method as an Important Pedagogy', 'Classification of Case Studies' and 'Steps of Solving a Case'.
  • Incorporates 29 new short and sharp cases at the end of the book to make the reader aware of real-life situations.

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