Our Hormones, Our Health: how to understand your hormones and transform your life

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A handbook for how we can use the power of our hormones to master any stage of life.

Joint pain, weight gain, migraines, acne, sleepless nights, loss of libido - all of these and more can be caused by hormone imbalances. Our health is impacted by our hormones all the way through our lives. So why do we often assume they're mainly 'a menopause thing', and wait until hot flushes arrive before we take them seriously? The truth is that many women find that their hormone-related symptoms aren't acknowledged, despite the impact they can have, years before menopause hits, on almost every aspect of their lives.

With advances in medical science, however, effective new treatment options are available, including modern hormone replacement therapy (HRT), diet, and exercise. So why don't more of us know that help is at hand? Why are we still being told that we have to put up with these conditions?

Our Hormones, Our Health is written by two doctors who draw on their experience as practitioners, and as women. With the aid of pioneering research from epigenetics, stress medicine, nutritional medicine, and modern HRT, they show us how women can live with health and happiness - no matter what their age.

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