Painting with Both Hands: Sophie Walbeoffe

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The book presents images and anecdotes of established travel painter Sophie Walbeoffe's sojourns across 4 continents with an introduction by Edward Lucie Smith. Tracing her first paintings as a teenager, through art school and the struggles starting out as an unknown painter, painting Native Americans on the bitter streets of Nanaimo, through the baking tradewinds of the Middle East and Africa. The book illustrates Sophie's long career painting on site in the deserts surrounded by camels, wild people and exotic beasts; rearing her two young children in the African bush. Her yearning for home and other climes enriches the book with images of her Devon roots, the freshness of Italy, Spain and France, the colour of India and the history of Jerusalem. Wherever she travels she draws a crowd as she paints with both hands.

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