Pantani Was A God

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Was Marco Pantani a god, or a cheat? Was he the greatest climber you've ever seen, or just another doper? Was he the cocksure superstar of Italian cycling that the diamond jewellery and the screaming fans suggested? Or was he the shy kid, troubled but loveable, who struggled with the pressures of fame? Was he to blame for cycling's tarnished reputation, or just another casualty of the sport's dark past? Was he good or bad? Angel or devil? Was he any of the above, or was he everything all at once?

If you've ever thought that the great debates in cycling were too often black and white, then this is a book for you. Marco Pastonesi's portrayal of Pantani avoids the extremes, the blacks and the whites, to paint a true picture of the man as he really was - compelling, complicated, and totally unique.

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