Paper Puzzle Book, The: All You Need Is Paper!

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'This is a marvellous book. The diversity of possible puzzles that can be given with these very limited resources, which are basically some paper and scissors, is overwhelming, and the challenges are sometimes very tough. Even the two-star problems may be hard for an untrained puzzler. This is medicine against boredom on long rainy days, but be careful not to get addicted or it may suck up your less empty and sunny days as well.' See Full ReviewEuropean Mathematical Society ALL YOU NEED IS PAPER! All the puzzles inside are made out of paper - from simple teasers to extreme brain workouts!ORIGINAL DESIGNS Co-developed by a mathematician, an origami artist and a mechanical puzzle maker, this inventive book provides a unique and invaluable collection of a large, comprehensive and diverse variety of paper puzzles. And they only require a sheet of paper and perhaps a pair of scissors!EASY TO CHALLENGING There are 99 unique puzzles including paper strip puzzles, Moebius strips and flexagons, two-dimensional sheet folding, 'fold-and-cut' puzzles, 3D dissections and constructions, sequence folding puzzles, origami puzzles and even paper toys and magic. PROVIDES HOURS OF FUN Anyone of any age can find hours of enjoyment and challenge!LEARNING GEOMETRY, MATHEMATICS AND PROBLEM-SOLVING CHALLENGES CAN BE FUN! For students and teachers; parents and children; amateur and skilled mathematicians, and puzzle lovers.LEARN CONCEPTS AS YOU GO! Many of the puzzles are new and original, they complement the classic puzzles that are included and all of them come with a solution as well as a mathematical and geometrical explanation that can be easily understood by all. The layout of the book, with its extensive puzzles, solutions and detailed descriptions, make it a sure candidate as the paper puzzle 'bible' for enthusiasts and puzzle lovers everywhere.

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