Peru: Tapiche-Blanco - Rapid Biological and Social Inventories Report 27

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In October 2014 an interdisciplinary team of geologists, biologists, and social scientists carried out a rapid inventory of the biological and cultural diversity of the remote Tapiche and Blanco watersheds of Amazonian Peru. This report summarizes their findings on the region's rich biological communities of plants, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, as well as what the team learned in conversations with local indigenous and campesino communities about resource use and quality of life. A trilingual volume featuring both Spanish and English text with a summary in Capanahua, Peru: Tapiche-Blanco is designed for a broad range of readers-from scientists to decision-makers, from fishermen to local schoolchildren-and offers at its heart a series of recommendations for protecting the region's extraordinary diversity.

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Field Museum of Natural History,U.S.
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Tapa blanda
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