Philosophy of Science

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The Philosophy of Science is the most comprehensive and rich collection available The multivolume format provides the reader with full expositions of particular viewpoints in the field, as well as clear and detailed survey and review articles that supply comprehensive introductions to a variety of important perspectives on the issues in question. The first volume takes up issues in the nature of scientific explanation and the related issues of the nature of scientific law and of the causal relation among events. The second volume explores issues in the nature and structure of scientific theories. The third volume collects inquiries into the nature of scientific change, as one theory is replaced by another. Volume four is devoted to readings concerning the nature of probability and the nature and justification of inductive reasoning in science. The following volume continues the exploration of the issue of confirming and rejecting theories with a series of readings devoted to Bayesian methodologies in science and to the exploration of noninductive strategies for rationalizing belief. Volume six explores three major problem areas in the foundation of physics: the nature and rationale for physical theories of space and time; the interpretive problems arising out of the quantum theory; and some puzzles arising out of statistical mechanical theories of physics. The readings are selected and arranged to provide the user of the volumes with an easy and systematic access into the most important contemporary themes in methodological philosophy of science and in philosophy of physics.

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