Plan to Succeed: A Guide to Strategic Planning

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According to a Foundation for Community Association Research report, "Strategic planning is the cornerstone of every common-interest community." Strategic planning enables your business or organization to define and reach its goals. In this book, author Steven C. Stryker offers an accessible guide to developing and implementing a strategic plan. You learn quickly and easily how to:

*Identify opportunities for growth *Discover strengths and weaknesses within your organization *Assess your organization's ability to utilize your strengths *Formulate goals for your organization to achieve success *Understand the tools and processes required to meet those goals *Prepare for any challenges that may arise and overcome them *Communicate your goals and plans to all members of your organization *Make strategic planning an integral part of your organization's development

Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes can use the information presented in this book. It offers practical advice on all stages of strategic planning, from formulating goals, to implementing the plan, to measuring its success. This is an essential guide for all organizations looking to take advantage of their strengths and opportunities for growth and success.

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