Pleistocene Palaeoecology of Central Norfolk: A Study of Environments through Time


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Past climatic and environmental change is of prime importance in understanding climatic changes of today. This book describes and discusses the great environmental changes revealed by a study of a small area in central Norfolk, which has given a remarkable wealth of data concerning the many consequences of climatic change over the past few hundred thousand years. There is evidence for past ice advance over the area, for changes from tundra to forest climates and the reverse, and from stable conditions with lakes surrounded by forest to unstable periods with active soil flow under arctic conditions. The main purpose of this study is to demonstrate the evidence for climatic change and how this affected vegetation and flora and the processes which have formed the present landscape, and also to show the methods of study which can be used to investigate past climatic change and its consequences. Rather than a theoretical treatment of climatic change, this book is a unique 'case study' of an investigation of past climatic change.

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