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From the bestselling author of TIN and THE MONSTERS OF ROOKHAVEN comes an unforgettable story of family, magic and home ... 'A fantastical tale of monsters and grief, family and love, and a thrilling middle-grade adventure with real depth and heart.' THE BOOKSELLER, Book of the Month

'Poignant, strange, full of folkloric menace and delight, Pog fulfils the promise of Kenny's extraordinary debut, Tin.' GUARDIAN

'A terrific book with echoes of The Spiderwick Chronicles and Five Children and It, I loved it!' IRISH INDEPENDENT

After their mother dies, David and Penny move to her family's old house in the forest.

Dad says it's a fresh start but it feels sad and empty without Mum. And there are noises in the attic ...

A small furry creature is living in the roof. There are other creatures too - less friendly ones - that seem to be multiplying.

Only with Pog's help can David and Penny save themselves - and goodness in the world. If they can resist promises from the darkness ...

A wonderful gentle fantasy novel from the bestselling author of The Monsters of Rookhaven and Tin

Packed with fantastical monsters, vibrant characters and tonnes of heart

Explores grief in a highly original way, as two siblings process the death of their mother with the help of an unforgettable, magical creature: Pog


'One of a kind. Utterly fantastic.' EOIN COLFER

'A big-hearted debut about friendship, belonging and what it means to be human.' THE BOOKSELLER

'Every so often you read a book that is so wonderful you wish you had written it - this book is one of those.' READING ZONE

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