Porphyrins for the 21st Century: A 21st Century Approach 2 Volume Set Fundamentals of Porphyrin Chemistry

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Porphyrins for the 21st Century is a compact and accessible introduction to the broad field of porphyrin chemistry. Across two volumes (which can be purchased individually or together as a set), the editors present a modern overview of this diverse field, discussing the basics of synthesis and structure of porphyrins and related molecules, and the current and future roles that porphyrins play in chemical transformations, materials design and synthesis, energy capture and transduction, human health, and the environment.

This first volume comprises a tutorial on the concepts important in porphyrin chemistry, presenting a self-contained description of the basics of the chemistry and properties of porphyrins and their close relatives. It serves as the foundation for discussions about the applications of porphyrin-related compounds, presented in the second volume. Topics covered in this first volume on the fundamentals of porphyrin chemistry include:

An introduction to porphyrins : Structure, nomenclature, naturally occurring porphyrins, synthetic porphyrins and common families of porphyrin-related compounds.
Chemical synthesis: How to synthesise porphyrins from simple, symmetric to more advanced ABCD-substituted porphyrins, and their metal complexes.
Physical characteristics: Structural features, electronic structure, spectroscopy, magnetism, electrochemistry and electron transfer processes.
The porphyrin family: Porphyrin isomers, phthalocyanines and porphyrazines, corroles, heteroporphyrins and carbaporphyrins, oxidised and reduced porphyrins, expanded and contracted porphyrins.
Porphyrins in nature: Heme proteins, chlorophylls, biosynthesis and degradation

Volumes 1 and 2 can be purchased individually and, following publication of the second volume, they will also be available together as a 2 volume set, 'Porphyrins for the 21st Century: Fundamentals and Applications'.

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