Practical Household Uses of Bicarbonate of Soda: Home Cures, Recipes, Everyday Hints and Tips

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Home cures, recipes, everyday hints and tips. It is a celebration of one of nature's most powerful ingredients and how to use it for health, cleaning and in cooking. How to use bicarbonate of soda - or baking soda - as a cheap, natural cleaning product around the home, and for medicinal purposes. It includes delicious culinary ideas, with recipes for tasty main dishes, delightful desserts, perfect muffins and breads, and fizzing lemonades. An incredibly versatile substance, bicarbonate of soda - also known as baking soda - has an enormous variety of practical uses. It is a valuable commodity in the world of glass and soap manufacturing, it is a necessary ingredient in the making of gingerbread, and the Ancient Egyptians used it in the preparation of their mummies. This book sets out to pull together a number of facts - some whimsical, some serious - about bicarbonate of soda. It includes a chapter on the uses of bicarbonate of soda throughout history, from cleaning cuts and making toothpaste to leavening bread and creating fizzy drinks.There are helpful suggestions concerning how best to consume bicarbonate of soda, whether used as an ingredient in a recipe or for medicinal purposes. It can also be used for cleaning - in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and outdoors - and for deodorizing pet smells and controlling household pests. With the help of this book, you will be surprised just how versatile bicarbonate of soda really is.

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