Precision Machines

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In this book, the design, manufacture and control technology of precision machines are introduced to achieve the concrete requirements for precision engineering. The state-of-the-art of precision machining method and equipment including precision turning, milling, grinding and lapping/polishing are discussed. The key components of precision machines are introduced as well, such as precision spindles, control systems, tools and grinding wheels etc. In the design part, the methods for the design and simulation of the general structure of precision machines as well as the key components are described in details. In the manufacture part, the fabrication and assembly technologies for different types of precision machines are introduced. In the control part, the control system, measurement and compensation technology for precision machines are discussed. The information provided in the book will be of interest to industrial practitioners and researchers in the field of precision machines.

This book is part of a handbook series that covers a comprehensive range of scientific and technological matters in 'Precision Manufacturing'.

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Springer Verlag, Singapore
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