Process Biotechnology Fundamentals

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Newer intellectual challenges for process biotechnology (PB) have emerged with impressive recent progress of gene-concerned and nano-systemic biosystems and the parallel developments in the related instruments/equipment/machines for analytical methodologies. These progresses have convinced universities/institutes and affiliatedcolleges that biotechnology (BT)/PB is one of the key areas for R&D and education in biochemical engineering/chemical engineering and their related interdisciplinary highereducation areas for human resource development (HRD).

This book has the following unique features:
  • Integration of academic and practical bioprocessing principles towards process biotechnology development.
  • Research generated data never before published in a single collated text.
  • Detailed aspects of oxygen mass transfer in biological systems.
  • Ways to control undesirable microorganisms.
  • Provides scope for progressive development in scale up of industrialbioprocessing system.
  • Systematic design engineering calculations of bioprocessing systems.
  • PCR instrumental analysis: theory, engineering and technology.
  • Heat and mass transfer concerns in rDNA bioreactors.
  • Innovative microbial microfermentation equipment and aspect.
  • Nanosystemic PB concerns in bioelectricity generation in biofuel cell.
  • Nanosight instrument and use in analytical biosystems.
  • Enhancing scopes of BTBE in PB and education.
  • Abundance of illustrative tables, figures and mathematical relations.
  • Numerous mathematical problems and multiple choice questions.

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