Program Development and Evaluation in Prevention

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Program Development and Evaluation in PreventionRobert K. Conyne, Ph.D.University of CincinnatiThis book in the Prevention Practice Kit illustrates how carefully constructed programs are involved with reaching prevention goals. Using examples and drawing from a clearly presented framework, this book helps readers easily translate concepts and principles of program development and evaluation (PD E) into doable, practical steps.Five tenets guide this book:* Prevention occurs through programs applied early.+ A program is comprised of interrelated elements existing within an open system.+ PD E involves cyclical phases of planning, implementation and effects, while being infused by the processes of community, collaboration, and cultural relevance.+ Conducting prevention PD E relies on both technical and people skills.+ Effective programs depend on sound processes that are guided by an overall 10-step PD E in Prevention Model:A. Plan the Program1. Lay the groundwork for community, collaboration and cultural relevance2. Analyze local context and conduct professional literature review3. Create problem statement4. Develop preventive goals, objectives, strategies, evaluation5. Obtain inputs and resourcesB. Implement, including Process Evaluation6. Implement program plan with participants through strategies, comprised of sequenced and coordinated activities, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and timelines7. Examine process evaluation data to generate feedbackC. Effects: Evaluate Output8. Examine outcome evaluation data to determine outcomes9. Identify impacts, incidence reduction10. Disseminate results

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