Programming the iPhone User Experience

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Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch not only feature the world's most powerful mobile operating system, these devises also usher in a new standard of human computer interaction through gestural interfaces and multi-touch navigation. This practical book provides you with a hands-on, example-driven tour of UIKit, Apple's user interface toolkit, and includes common design patterns to help you create novel iPhone and iPod Touch user experiences. You'll learn how to build applications with Apple's Cocoa Touch framework that respond in unique ways when users tap, slide, swipe, tilt, shake, or pinch the screen on these devices. With "Programming the iPhone User Experience", you will: understand the basics of the Cocoa Touch frameworks for building iPhone and iPod Touch applications; learn theory and best practices for using Cocoa Touch to develop applications from a user interface perspective; work with the Objective-C programming language used by these frameworks; customize standard UIKit views according to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and usability principles; and learn patterns for handling user experience concerns outside of the interface, such as network- and location-awareness. Whether you're a CTO, developer, or UI/UX designer, "Programming the iPhone User Experience" acts as a companion to Apple's "Human Interface Guidelines", and provides the practical information you need to develop innovative applications - useful and fun programs that perhaps will capture a substantial share of the iPhone and iPod Touch market. The book's companion website will offer examples of working code and user interfaces.

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O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA
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