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Qualitology: Unlocking the secrets of qualitative researchÆ describes how this discipline is currently practised within the fields of Marketing, Advertising and Media. This book focuses on offering classical knowledge and techniques which are still used successfully today, as well as emerging trends and innovative techniques adapted to solve contemporary marketing issues. Its practical approach means it can be read from cover to cover, or the reader can go straight to the chapter of interest. The book includes: . Four international qualitative studies sponsored by Millward Brown on beer, brand archetypes, youth and young families. . Nine qualitative studies undertaken at a local level across seven countries for major clients (including Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Renault, Delta Lloyd and Eli Lilly), as well as one creative study dedicated to finding the title of this book. . A unique and detailed consideration of analysis and interpretation. These two issues are usually perceived as the æblack boxÆ of qualitative research and very little has been written about them by qualitative practitioners.

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