Quantum Computing

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Quantum technology is one of the most promising and challenging ?elds in contemporary science. Quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and more generally quantum information technologies claim that they, in the short term, will change our paradigm of classical computing and communications. Concepts such as duality, superposition, entanglement, teleportation and many others seem to be closer to magic or science fiction than to everyday human experience. However, herein lies also the unlimited power of human thought, which mathematics and physics help us to go beyond our immediate experience of the world. This book, oriented toward undergraduate students pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in Engineering, draws on the experience of the authors during nearly ten years of work in this ?eld. The book consists of a comprehensive list of exercises with increasing degrees of di?culty. Additional material such as solved problems and a basic compilation of theory is also included in each chapter. The list of topics, which include among others, quantum computing, quantum teleportation, superdense coding, quantum processors or quantum communication protocols, intended for opening doors that will motivate students to continue delving into the ?eld of quantum technologies, which has only just begun to be explored.

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