Radio Astronomy: Instruments and Observations

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In this volume are collected scientific research reports written in recent years at the Radio-Astronomy Laboratory in the field of radio-astronomical apparatus and methods of ob servation. Modern radiometers of high sensitivity, using masers and parametric amplifiers, have been installed at the R T-22 radio telescope of the Laboratory's Radio-Astronomy station. Some of the papers are devoted to a description of these original radiometers and to their operating conditions. Considerable space is given to a description of the meter-wave equipment and to the ad justment of the DKR-1000 diapason cruciform radio telescope. Two papers describe radio in terferometers with radio relaying. This method of increasing the resolving power is extreme ly effective and it is expected that it will be further developed under laboratory conditions, primarily in the meter wave range. Problems of radio-telescope design occupy an important place in contemporary radio astronomy and radio engineering. Three articles are devoted to this important line of work. In 1966, an experiment was carried out at the Radio-Astronomy Laboratory on the inves tigation of the solar wind by a radio-astronomical method. The experiment gave substantially new data concerning the nonuniformity of the plasma around the sun; the experimental part of the work carried out is described in the collection.

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