Release from Anger: Practical Help for Controlling Unreasonable Rage

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This book explodes many popular myths about anger and includes important information, much of it new, about the causes, effects, triggers and behaviour patterns of anger and aggression: why anger is a natural 'fight of flight' response, and essential for our survival; what happens when we get angry; how excessive anger can inhibit physical and mental health, as well as general wellbeing; how to avoid common triggers for anger; how to predict anger outbursts in yourself and others; hy venting angry feelings will not make anger go away, and could in fact increase it; and, why talking about angry feelings rarely helps - especially for men.It also explores: the connection between anger and depression; how to inoculate yourself against stress and anger; the importance of teaching communication skills to people in order to convert anger impulses into controlled responses, particularly in children; a simple yet effective technique to use every day: the life model of effective communication; and, using body language to build rapport and lower the emotional temperature of a situation."The Human Givens Approach" series was launched in 2004 with How to lift This immediately became a top-selling book and consistently held the No.1 position for books about depression on Amazon for a year after its launch. In May 2005, "Freedom from Addiction" was published to critical acclaim and the most recent book, "How to Master Anxiety" (published in November 2006) has featured in many healthcare and women's magazines. Each book in the series explores a recognised psychological or behavioural problem and shows in clear, non-jargonistic language how to treat it effectively. They all include new knowledge not found elsewhere. Future titles will cover: psychosis, disturbed children, self-harming, workplace stress, antisocial behaviour, ageing, disability and saving families."Release from Anger" explains why rage and aggression is on the increase in our society and offers strategies to curb excessive anger in yourself and others - at home, in the workplace, in public and even whilst driving. Based on the human givens approach to psychotherapy, it contains science-based insights into human behaviour, our innate emotional needs and how to get them met so that you can control inappropriate anger outbursts. It deals with appropriate anger, anger as an addiction and anger disorders, including what happens when compulsive, angry outbursts are driven by 'molar memories', and the ongoing stress this can cause us all.Down-to-earth and easy-to-read, "Release from Anger" explains the difference between healthy anger and destructive anger, and why anger is a natural survival strategy. It goes on to give clear advice and practical examples of what to do when confronted with excess inappropriate anger, either your own or someone else's. It explains what happens, both mentally and physiologically, to our bodies when anger suddenly erupts and why 'angry people' die young. The book shows how effective communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, can often unlock the trance-like state of anger and diffuse aggression in even potentially violent situations.The book is full of informative case studies - ranging from anger in children, autistic anger and anger related to workplace bullying - together with examples from psychotherapists' case books which show how they work with people suffering from anger disorders.

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