Research in Organizational Change and Development

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This volume contains nine papers that address cutting edge challenges in organizational change, report the results of change-related research, and advocate methodological advances in the field. Papers by noted international authors such as Ed Lawler & Chris Worley, Hillary Bradbury, Benyamin Lichtenstein, John Carrol & Peter Senge, Rob Sloyan & Jim Ludema, and David Coghlan make for fascinating reading and set an ambitious agenda for future scholarship. These and other authors in the volume touch on enduring issues such as trust, sustainability, collaboration, but also totally new concepts such as breaking out of strategic lock-in and constructing work that is meaningful for younger generations of workers in a 'web 2.0 world'. Reports of research in this volume are gathered from finance firms and hospitals, sustainability consortiums and religious institutions. The findings of these studies report on factors critical to the success of mergers, compare the comparative effectiveness of different types of large group interventions, and uncover keys to sustaining the effects of interventions intended to create high performance systems.

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