Rousseau on Women, Love, and Family

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A key thematic sampling of Rousseau's published writings come together in this exciting anthology, some newly translated or translated into English for the first time by the editors. Featured writings include Narcissus; Queen Whimsical; The Two Sexes, and On Love (from Letter to d'Alembert); "On Women," "Sophie, or the Woman," On Love, and Mothers and Infants (from Emile); Women of Paris, and Domestic Life (from Julie); Letters to "Henriette"; The Death of Lucretia; Essay on the Important Events of Which Women Have Been the Secret Cause; The Levite of Ephraim; The Loves of Milord Edward Bomston; Pygmalion; Letters to Sara; The Naturalness of the Family (from the Second Discourse); "A Household on rue St. Denis"; and Emile and Sophie, or the Solitaries.

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University Press of New England
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