Sankirtos- Studies in Russian and Eastern European Literature, Society and Culture: In Honor of Tomas Venclova

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16 contributions are published in Russian and 14 contributions in English.
This volume is published in celebration of the seventieth birthday of Tomas Venclova, Lithuanian poet, literary scholar, essayist on contemporary culture and politics of Eastern Europe, and professor of Russian literature at Yale University. Thomas Venclova is one of the towering figures of contemporary intellectual and cultural life. A passionate proponent of human rights and member of the dissident movement in the Soviet Union, he also made a substantial contribution to the liberation of Eastern Europe. The essays presented include studies of Russian literature, Russian and Eastern European cultural history, and the culture of the Baltic states. The authors of this volume span the entire range of Tomas Venclova's interests and contributions. They include colleagues from many countries, among them Michel Aucouturier (Paris), Nikolay Bogomolov (Moscow), Stefano Garzonio (Pisa), Viach. Vs. Ivanov (Los Angeles-Moscow), Lev Loseff (Dartmouth), Adam Michnik (Warsaw), Boris Ravdin (Riga), Stephanie Sandler (Harvard), Alexander Schenker (Yale), Roman Timenchik (Jerusalem), Michael Wachtel (Princeton), and others.

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